Patch It Up – Jerry Scheff Bass Line | PDF Transcription

Elvis only included Patch It Up in his show for one season. Jerry Scheff often said the TCB band was like a punk lounge band. When you listen to this track you have to agree with him. The key bass figure is almost the same as the one used 10 years later by the Jam on a Town Called Malice. Perhaps the bass player was influenced by Elvis.

The original studio version was recorded by Norbert Putnam, the live version Jerry seems to take it up a gear, and the key went up as well.

There is an interested note in bar 84 which is almost certainly a mistake where Jerry slide to far and missed the note. I included this in the transcription and video. The sections on the F chord are different both time (bars 14-15 and 48-49 along with the following two bars on D. The rest of the song is close to the Putnams studio version.

You can download and view the Patch It Up PDF transcription here. I wouldn’t want to sight read this. Here’s a link to the TAB version.