Let It Be Me – Jerry Scheff Bass line PDF transcription

When I first heard Elvis’ version of Let It Be Me, I was blown away. Previously knowing the Everly Brothers version, this was much different. Arranged by piano player Glenn D. Hardin it was like a new song. 4/4 with a 12/8 feel to it. The bass line is one of my favourites, with some lovely melody phrasing.

After playing it in an Elvis show for a few months I decided to write it out. I though this and other transcriptions I’d done had been lost. Long story, fortunately, I found the original PDF of this, which just needed to minor changes to it. Now found, it’s time to share it. As I was writing, despite playing for a few months, when I wrote out the bass line note for note from the recording, I noticed a few bass phrases I’d either initial missed, or just thought I had enough to play live on stage. Check out the phrase on the play out at bar 69. Another show the same day, Jerry would have played a different yet similar line. The version that ended up on the album, everything just seemed to come together.

You can see the transcription here