I’ve Lost You (Live) Bass Cover | Jerry Scheff Elvis Presley – PDF transcription

A subscriber on my Youtube channel suggested transcribing Elvis Presley’s ‘I’ve Lost You’. I was in the process of transcribing something else, which was causing me to pull my hair out, so decided I would do it. The version I choose was the standard That’s The Way It Is album version, which was performed at the dinner show 11 August 1970. Each show, Jerry would have played it slightly different.

What could appear to be the harder sections where the bass plays in the upper register is actually the easiest part of the song. The difficulty was the build up between the verse and chorus on the F chord. Each time is different and Jerry plays along with the drums. Although on the backing track I have, they are not quite the same. While mentioning the backing track, it doesn’t end as the record, the transcription does.

On a quick glance the music looks a little daunting due to all the sixteenth note (and 32nds). As the BPM is around 75 it’s not too bad. This makes quite good practice at reading sixteenths. Where possible I noted where it’s possible to hear Jerry change strings.

You can find the PDF transcription here.