Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Caroline Monks Party

Nicola McLean
© Nathan Hulse
I would guess many people would say "Who is Caroline Monk". She is Cancer survivor and hosted a party to celebrate the women involved in her cancer makeover campaign. She is also a PR and is involved amongst others the mercury prize awards. I did attend (as a photographer) a previous party of her's which was so well attended by celebrities, it was possible the same could happen on this occasion. Luckily it didn't and a few turned up, including Nicola Mclean who was recently in Celebrity Big Brother.

My Flash cable decided to stop working, I could only use the flash mounted on the top hot shoe, which tends to leave a horrible shadow in the background. On the link above, are my pictures, plus those from another photographer, you can see my pictures are slightly brighter, but also have the shadow in the background right.

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