Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Law and order on Alamy

Council Chambers or Court Room
© Nathan J Hulse
Well, not quite as the title of this post suggests. More a picture council chambers, that is sometimes used as a court room for film sets. Law and order does prevail in these places, with many decisions being made.

Since the beginning of the year I have noticed that gekko images has been "Closed for re-development work" and still is. Not a good way to see images if no one can access the site. Although my link to log in still works. I have managed to block all my images from being sold, if anyone is able to buy images through the site. Gradually I shall be moving my collection to other picture libraries I use, Alamy seems to be the obvious choice for most of them. I just have to find the original files from my own records.

My stock collection with Alamy is becoming a miss-match of various subjects rather than a specialist style I was hoping to concentrate on.

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