Thursday, 9 June 2011

Katie Waissel at the Mayfair and Nicola Roberts at Radio 1

Katie Waissel in London
© Nathan J Hulse
It has been really quiet for me recently, which means I have to be a little more pro-active. Thursday 2nd June was one such day I decided to do just that. I met a friend in London first, then headed to The Mayfair hotel. Always a popular place for celebrities to stay. I had about an hour to kill before looking at something else I had information about. Within a few moments of me arriving I saw Katie Waissel. Katie was in X-Factor 2010. I had previously taken her picture during the x factor live tour. She then left about 30 minutes later. Jedward were also staying at the Mayfair, even though I saw them, I wasn't quite so interested about taking their picture. Although some hysterical girls in the area where over the moon to see the twins. I also left to go and check out something else.

Nicola Roberts at Radio 1
© Nathan J Hulse
As I mentioned already, I had information that Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud was due to be at BBC Radio 1 for the debut airing of her new single 'Beat of My Drum'. I've not heard it yet myself. Many seem to like it. A slightly longer wait at Radio 1 for Nicola, she looked great and signed for all her fans waiting to see her.

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