Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Enrique Iglesias (and Lemar) at the O2 arena in London

Enrique Iglesias
I've been really lucky to get ask to photograph a few music events recently. As I'm a musician it's always good to do concerts. The only downside is, I have to concentrate on taking pictures more than the actual concert itself. Friday March 25th Enrique Iglesias was performing at the O2 arena on London.

Prior to the concert I tried to find out the shoot position. This would usually be; front of the stage or the mix position (half way up the auditorium). We were told front of stage. Great, no need to carry super long and extra heavy lens with me. I took my 24-70 and 70-200. When I got there, I was told, we're shooting from the mix position. Great! While it's not great to hear that, it's not so bad, as shooting from the front of the stage, you tend to have shots looking up the performers nose. Not very flattering. Despite not having the correct lens with me, Enrique did walk down a long walkway. When he done that, I got most of my shots. Lucky for us, he done that on the 3rd song and not after we had to leave.

The support act was Lemar. We were front of the stage for him. Notice the up nose type shot.

You can still see the audience hands in the way, on reflection I perhaps should have done a few shots and made the audience part of the shot, rather than try my best to avoid it. The things you think of afterwards eh. Something to consider next time. A great show and my sister was quite Jealous at me getting there and doing it.

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