Tuesday, 15 March 2011

X factor live tour - Cher Lloyd

I was lucky enough to be asked to cover the Matinee performance of the X factor Live tour on Sunday 6th March at Wembley Arena. Normally with live shows photographers will only get the first 3 songs. I once had 1 song only. With the X factor show, because they had pyrotechnics, we weren't allowed to shoot any acts then. In addition, all the top 10 acts from the X factor finals were spread across the whole show. This meant for some a long day, or a chance to see more than one song from the show. Great. 

Cher Lloyd performing on the X Factor live tour
I was very pleased to see they actually used a real band with real musicians, playing real instruments rather than just backing tracks. It was good to see more of a show than normal, I still left just before the end to avoid thousands of people all catching the same train.

The link to famous pictures also includes pictures by another photographer taken on the previous day 5th March. My pictures are those dated 6th March. I also need to point out that these pictures have restrictions for use. They are not available for use after 6th June 2011 and must only be used in within the context of the concert. I'm sure a pictures caption mentioning the concert would be sufficient. Other use needs to be arranged by contacting syco. Sadly I don't have the contact details.

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