Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nancy Sorrell at Stephane St Jaymes fashion launch

Nancy Sorrell
Currently I'm doing Jury service, which restricts my work for the next few weeks. It seems to be usual that I miss all the fun stuff when I'm busy with other commitments. I did manage to get to one last event before my service started. The  fashion launch for Stephane St. Jaymes Spring/summer collection. Just before London Fashion week starts, although by the time this post goes live, LFW will have ended. I could have stayed to cover the actual fashion show, I decided not. Here is a shot of Nancy Sorrell, wife of comedian Vic Reeves. Also in attendance was ex Eastenders actor Ross Kemp and Princes Michael of Kent.

As I normally mention, all the photos on my blog and on the first link included are taken by myself (except where I state otherwise). In this instance they are available for commercial use via Famous Pictures. If you are interested in prints of my pictures contact me for details.

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