Friday, 28 January 2011

Berlin - Brandenburg Gate on Fotolia

I recently went to Berlin, Germany to Visit a friend. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked to have done. Also the weather wasn't in my favour for quality images for stock use. I did however, manage to capture a few of the Brandenburg Gate, or Brandenburger Tor, if you live in Germany.

NatJag -
As they were only taken on my 8MP camera I didn't feel the quality would be good enough to upsize and submit to my collection at Alamy. Instead I sent it to a microstock site called fotolia.

There have been many discussions about micro stock sites on photography forums as they sell pictures at a very low price. This is very good for many people that have personal blogs and want quality images to use without the huge cost that businesses would be able to afford for slightly more exceptional images. I only have a small collection on this site as I removed much of it a few years ago. They still have strict quality controls and one of my images wasn't accepted. Next time I visit Berlin, I will perhaps take my tripod and get some exceptional images of the city.

Also see a rejected image by fotolia on my rarely used blog site at


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