Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - A few favorite or special pictures

Jodie Marsh
I thought it would be interesting to have a look through my pictures and post a few pictures that either I like or were special to me for a reason. I've not included any shots that I have already posted. Non of these pictures were very successful for me. That's not always the point for me.

This first shot of Jodie Marsh was taken in February 2010 at a Haiti Earthquake fundraiser at the Roundhouse in Camden Town. There weren't many photographers at this. There weren't many celebrities either. As a result, many photographers left after an hour. Another photographer Brian Jordan of Celebrity photos UK and myself stayed, the promotors/pr promised free beer. Jodie Marsh arrived and Brian asked a busker outside the venue if we could borrow his guitar, he obliged.

Nicola Roberts
The second shot of Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud was taken after a day in London. I had a few events to cover. A free concert "Music for Mum's" for Cancer in Covent Garden, with Gabriella Cilmi, follow by the variety Club annual dinner and ball at the Hilton Hotel in London. On my way back to the station I walked past the Mayfair Hotel to see a friend of mine. Within 10 minutes Nicola Roberts walked out wearing this stunning outfit.

This final shot was taken of US singer Rihanna at London's o2. It isn't technically a great shot. I found out the day of the concert photographers would be at the mix position 2/3 back in the venue. I would need to longer focal length than I had. I couldn't have hired a lens (which I didn't think about at the time) I decided to purchase a 2x extender. This creates problems,as I will loose 2 stops of light, in addition the quality isn't great unless stopped down to at least f8 (f5.6 is the minimum on the 70-200 f2.8 lens). There were many other photographers there with nikon cameras (great at high ISO) and 400mm prime lens. I was surprised how good some of the shots were, although not tack sharp, I had caught what I needed to of the concert. This taught me a few things; next time I should hire a lens.

Finally I would like to wish anyone that reads this best wishes and blessings for 2011. Thanks for looking and following.

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