Monday, 20 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother Final and Parties to Follow

Winner Brian Dowling with Davina McCall
The end of Big Brother (or is it) with the final on 10th September. If you watch big brother you will know who the winner is. Here I have presented a favorite picture of mine from the Ultimate final. I wasn't a fan of the program, it was however great to be at the eviction nights. The crowd were great and I got friendly with a few regulars. In this picture is the winner Brian Dowling with the shows presenter Davina McCall. I wanted to try top capture spirit and excitement of the event,  with the house in the background the other photographers and camera crew. Taken on the wide angle 17-40 mm lens.

Naturally following the end of Big Brother is the wrap party.  Sadly, I found out about this too late and missed many of the housemates who arrived before I got there. Similarly, Josie had a reunion party later the same week. Again, I expected they would all arrive later in the evening, once again, they were early.

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