Tuesday, 13 July 2010

T4 on the Beach - 2010

The Saturdays
I was lucky enough to be asked to cover T4 on the Beach at Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset (UK). Great, I couldn't wait. Apart from an early start which is never good for me. I managed to get up at 4:15, the press coach picked us up from Hammersmith Apollo at 6:45am. That is very early for me. We were looked after very well by the PR team. There was a down side, there were so many acts on we had to do our best to fit the live performances with the press runs backstage, where many of the artists pose for pictures as well. This was a great opportunity to photograph the acts on the other stage. For most of the day the weather was great, it did rain, quite heavy towards the end while JLS were performing. I gave that a miss, plus they were on the same time Diana Vickers was due backstage for the press run. The Saturdays (R) were minus Mollie King due to illness and performed as a four piece. They did looked a bit nervous at the start.
Diana Vickers

My notes for the day and future occasions I should do this event again. As a photographer we can take the live performance pictures from the golden circle. In the golden circle are also other members of the public. It's easy to get head in the way of your shot. Take a small step to get above them. The next point, don't try to cover both stages. The second T4 session stage is quite a distance to walk, plus we shot from the crowd, not even closer like the golden circle on the main stage. Finally, trying to edit pictures on a moving coach made me feel sick. Do it either before I get on the coach or at home.

Tech notes:- The main shots were taken on the canon 70-200 lens using the canon 1d mk111, while the shorter lens picture, eg backstage, were taken on the canon 1d mk11n and 24-70 lens. Many of the shot were shot using plus 1-2 stops exposure compensation as I was shooting against a white cloudy background. I have included an HDR image at the bottom of The Saturdays (still with the demo softwares watermark) which shows more how the scene really was; overcast. Clicking on the picture will take you to the shot submitted to Famous pictures. All RAW processed using aperture 3 (excpet the HDR shot). Which brings me to a final note, when the lap top is on battery power, the screen goes darker, remember to take that into consideration when editing pictures, otherwise they all come out a bit bright.

The Saturdays
So there you have it, a brief run down on the event and all the points I need to consider in the future. Also, please note all direct links supplied are pictures taken by myself and sold by famous pictures. They are not other photographer pictures. Clicking elsewhere on famous pictures will show pictures by other photographers.

I hope you enjoy. Click on the picture for the full gallery of images I took and sent to Famous Pictures.

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