Monday, 5 July 2010

Holly Valance and Gemma Atkinson all in black

Gemma Atkinson
Holly Valance
Gemma Atkinson (R), an actress who use to be in Hollyoaks and grace the pages of many lads magazines is trying to lose her usual vivacious look wearing a black dress with no hint of cleavage at all. This shot was taken at a premiere for a film she is starring in called "Baseline". It was a rather low key premiere with just a few of the key actors and actress' in attendance.

At another event for Elizabeth Ardens 100th anniversary, former Neighbours actress and singer (remember Kiss Kiss?) Holly Valance (L) and others attended. 

As nice as black outfits are, nice colourful ones would be much better. It's summer and a time to be bright and colourful.

Photo info:- All pictures were taken on the canon 17-40mm lens and processed with aperture 3 from the RAW file. No extensive retouching is needed or required for this type of press work. 
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