Monday, 28 June 2010

Rock Choir to Queen of the Desert and some Wimbledon action

A quiet week for me at the moment. A really rewarding job on Sunday took me to Hammersmith Apollo to photograph the Rock Choir. 4000 plus people singing in tune together, amazing. Unfortunately transferring the sound to pictures isn't easy. The Photo is of the choir sitting in the stalls and standing on the stage. Click the picture to go to the complete gallery. This photo was made from 9 shots stitched together in photoshop. Exposures were 2 seconds hence some movement and blurring to some people.

Rock Choir
© Nathan J Hulse

Zoe Salmon
Ben Richards' opening night in "Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical" in London on 22 June 2010 brought out a few stars and some bright coloured costumes. Pictured is former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon. Again, click on the photo to view to complete gallery at Famous Pictures. 

Kirsty Gallacher
Another interesting event was a slazenger party for Wimbledon. Slazenger are the ball providers for the yearly sporting event. The actual party was interesting with John McEnroe and Pat Cash playing a quick game of tennis in the street. Sadly, I wasn't expecting to take any sporting photos. Using a wide angle lens (17-40) at night with a flash isn't the ideal lens and camera set-up to capture the action. Pictured is Kirsty Gallacher. Click on the picture to see the full gallery of my pictures at Famous pictures. I found it mildly amusing both tennis players were using dunlop tennis rackets at a Slanzenger event.

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